Friday, February 09, 2007

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I would like to introduce you to Constance, my sock puppy. She arrived from Leeds this week and I am over the moon for her. It was love at first sight - the soft pink and the pearl necklace were just too irresistible and I knew she was meant for me. She arrived in a package post-marked "Leeds" and "Great Britain" and she had been through Customs! I am already so jealous of this little softy who has traveled further than I ever have. I will have to keep the stamp and frame it as my First Package from Across the Pond. I haven't been this excited about postage since I was 14 and ordered a big info package and map from Parson's School of Design. I would spend hours pouring over the map of Manhattan and the course names.... I was going to be a Fashion Designer. But I hate to sew clothes. I hate all the math and having to get things just right so they fit. So out the window that dream went.... But I digress. Back to Constance, who is too adorable and who I am sure barks with a lovely British clip, very Tea and Crumpets. She came to me from Manda over at Tree Fall , who I hear is now working on a litter of Mini Pups. Beware of the cuteness!

Constance now lives with Pooh on the collage box my mom made a few Christmas's ago. They are very happy together and keep me company while I work.

Speaking of work...this week I got do one of my favorite things - styling the Riverside Outlet Showroom... Over the past year I have developed a great relationship with the guys at Riverside and now they let me style their windows - and yes I mean let me, as in I would do it just for fun if I could - it is that much fun. The store is an outlet and has a very stripped down showroom, so there is no budget -I just use whatever knick knacks they already have and go to town. They have lots of painted pieces, which I adore, it's like playing with a life size doll house - just using what you have and having fun doing it. Here's the only picture I got before my batteries died... I'll have to go back and take more.

In other work-related news, Style Box is up at both Storia Home and SDV so tell all your friends!

And if you are looking for inspiration and some fun new crafty-blogs here are some new fav's:

Sepia Art Studio


Flea Market Studio

{My MINuTia}

They are a great distraction from things like potty training (how I wish I could just skip ahead to age 4 about now) and making the bed (why bother? I am just going to get back in it soon...) So regardless what you need to escape this weekend, these blogs are bound to help!

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!


  1. i wish we had been to that shop while i was there. is it the one near biglots that we peared into the windows that time. of course there probabaly wasnt anything in there i could carry back in my suitcase.

  2. Our lovely Kelly (from Ferncliff) is also from Leeds, that part of the UK must specialize in sweet pretty things! Your new friend is adorable!

  3. Constance is definitely cute. I love that color pink.

  4. Kristy3:57 PM

    Constance is a real cutie!We have Arthur and Ruby Lu living at our house.I'm sure one of the new litter my find a home here too!


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