Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow, Glorious Snow

Wylie has prayed for snow every night for about 2 months. Yesterday God answered his "question" as he put it.

This being Arkansas, everything shut down yesterday for this little dusting of powder. This morning we had a little more coverage, but the roads were fine by 8AM, so schools and things were open. I went ahead and let Wylie stay home since a) It was Friday, b) He had waited so patiently for this moment to arrive and C) I am a Home School kid, so I am a sucker for Stay-Home-Just-Cause Days as I call them.

The great thing about the snow was that Jemimah's flight was rescheduled for later in the afternoon, so she and my parents, and my other sister Judea, and Jeanetta who is here from San Antonio, all piled into my house. At one point this morning I realized I was in heaven - or what I hope heaven to be. My kids were out back playing in the snow, my kitchen table was surrounded by so many of my very favorite people. There was so much love and laughter, coffee and chocolate, magazines and paint swatches spilling over everywhere that it was almost too much for me. I remember just grinning from ear to ear, my heart full to bursting. So thank you snow, glorious snow, you were a dream come true.

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