Thursday, February 22, 2007

Diary of a Day

Look who is feeling better! Today Wylie went to school & Miles stayed home with my sweet MIL to get a little extra rest and TLC. By tonight everyone was on the mend and there were no more fevers (Fingers crossed!)

Jury Duty went well- aka- I didn't have to serve - and I even got some reading time in waiting to go into the court room. I am reading this and it is good and quick and I would recommend it to anyone.

After I left the courthouse I walked through downtown to my favorite bookstore and grabbed a cup of coffee and a copy of this, which believe it or not I have never read. Sweetie and Mr. Ray met me there and we went in search of some lunch, which we found at the startling early hour of 11AM.

Next, it was on to Children's Hospital where I checked in on some friends and their new precious little preemie Elliot. Being in there around all those tiny babies, and all the parents and nurses who are huddled around them, stroking them, reading to them and loving them was really comforting. Usually trips to hospitals are not that great, and everyone seems tired, stressed and agitated - staff and patients alike. But there in the NICU things were remarkably peaceful and warm and soothing. If gives me hope that something is going well in the medical world.

After that it was on to my favorite thrift store where I bought a ton of linen goodies, along with some Melmac and pink flowered plates.

And I couldn't pass up this crazy piece of art made of flocked wall paper, sequins, glitter paper, lace and fur. And that I love,love, love! But is it Queen Elizabeth I or Mary Queen of Scott's? Any thoughts?

I also found this adorable chair that is much needed at our dining room table (and the perfect size for the littler members of the family.)

Finally, after picking Wylie up from school and visiting with the In-Laws, my 3 boys & I all piled into our bed and Nate and I dozed while the boys watched Peter Pan. All four of us tucked under the blankets like sausages. It was a much needed respite. Eventually we had to get up and resume life - dinner, rehearsal, bath time, bedtime, Grey's Anatomy... but it was lovely while it lasted

(Note: The pictures are courtesy of my in-laws camera on-loan till I get my new one. Finally I can breathe again!)


  1. hmmm . . . MQOS

    or QEI

    I say it is Mary QOS

  2. Hey Jerusalem, I've been reading your blog for months--a lurker I guess. I just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words about Children's Hospital. I'm teaching here now--have been here for about 3 years and just love it. I love keeping up with Wylie. I can't believe I've never met Miles. You just call me anytime you need some babysitting--I still love doing that! Casey Brown


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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