Friday, February 16, 2007

Corners of My Home/WIP Friday

Well my camera is dead and I don't have a new one yet and I am frustrated that I can't take pictures of all things I want to take pictures of. So here is a corner of my home from the files. Not very exciting, but there it is.

Also, today I feel like my whole house/life is a WIP. There is so much to do everywhere I look. Work has picked up which means the house cleaning has slacked off. If I were to take a picture today of my kitchen this is NOT what it would like at all. Nor the table. My goal for Fridays is to get both tables cleared of stuff. So far today I am 0 for 2.

With the work stuff, I find myself wondering if I should try to market myself towards a specific niche. Right now I am working on a very Modern project, and while I enjoy the challenge, it is not where my heart is creatively. So there is that.

I am toying with the idea dipping into the Green Design world - offering design materials that are eco-friendly and doing more of the Re-Newed Design that I love so much. Also, I would love to have a clientele that wouldn't mind if I showed up in overalls and gold crocs, that would be fab. I know there is a market here for it - especially in certain areas - it's just deciding how to go about it....another one of those pesky little business decisions that keep me up at night....
For now I am going to pack up the kid and go have lunch with the hubby, and ignore the mess a little bit longer. It's the weekend after all.


  1. i love the arrangement of the chairs in the bottom pic. you should do that again.

  2. I love seeing pictures of your home, and those green cabinets are so fun. . .

    I got an email from someone asking advice about running a website in combination with a blog and I gave them your blog as a referal, I'm just not as knowledgable as you about that kind of stuff.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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