Sunday, January 21, 2007

Traitor to My Kind

This week we bought a car. A big ole' American-Made, Gas- Guzzling SUV. I feel so ashamed. It's not even a hybrid. It has a DVD player. It has a 3rd row with rear air vents. Did I mention that I am so ashamed? I have betrayed all my Boho-Hippie-Artist peeps. I have sold out and now I owe The Man.

In a perfect, Ideal World I would drive something more like this - maybe with pink flowers painted all over it...

Or something like this old Land Rover. Rough and tumble, very cool and nonchalant. Or something like Kim got over at Daisy Cottage... so cool.
But the facts are that I need storage space. On any given day I need to be able to carry an 8 ft Rug, 3 6ft curtain rods, 2 Parsons Chairs, 4 bags of groceries, 2 car seats, 2 backpacks and other assorted odds and ends all at the same time. Did you get that? The same time people. The same time...
I also need to be able to drive clients around in something that always has working heating or air. In something that has seat belts and and comfy seats. Kenneth Brown said it best when he said that "designers live in their cars." It is the truest statement, and when you are soccer mom on top of the designer thing, well, that just ups the ante.
So here is to selling out, please don't hate me.
PS: What should I name the big lug?


  1. Hey, I even like the color :)

  2. It's beautiful and you need to have something like this ~ for now~ one day you'll be able to get your ride that matches your soul ~ I promise!!

  3. how about calling her ruby she could be lucy's rough and tumble mountain climbing sister.
    cant wait to be picked up from the airport in her. lol.
    what is it 9 more days???? it cant come soon enough


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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