Thursday, January 18, 2007

Smart Man

Sometimes, when not busy spreading glitter around the world, I am reading and talking and thinking about things other than pom-pom fringe and the color pink (hard to believe I know...but I do have a BA in History and I like to get in touch with my academic self every once in a while... ) I think about things like The Condition of The World, and Civic Duty and how to teach my children to Think for Themselves, to help others, to be kind, to be aware. And I like to think about why I am like I am, and why you are like you are and how that makes the world go round.

Anyway, today, in a thinking mood, I peeked in on Mr. Donald Miller to see what was new with him. As usual, felt encouraged and inspired by his words and his fresh approach to things. Since I really don't get very political around here, but seeing as how I do think about these things, I thought I would post a link and let you peak in too... So here ya go:
The truth is every issue has many sides. I find when I think in black and white it is because I am too lethargic to do complex thinking. My motive is not to find truth, but to pick a side, associate that opinion with my ego, and then defend it out of personal insecurities. I will have to consider many angles on each issue, and on more than a few realize there is no easy solution.

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