Monday, January 08, 2007

One Year Old

Well it is another week around mia storia di la vita.

Friday was the 1st birthday of my little company Storia Di Vita Design. I intend to have a birthday dinner - complete with cake and yummy pasta cooked by Sweetie later this month - if I can round up all the people who have made this year a dream come true (Mom, Jemimah, Joshua, Whitney, Nathan...) and all those who have prayed for, cheered on, supported and believed in me and my little company - it has truly been a gift!! This week a year a go looked a lot different than it does today. This time last year, I was filled with a mixture of hope and excitement, and a lot of butterflies and trepidation. I really had no idea if SDV would sink or fly. Blessedly it flew just fine, lots of stumbles and learning flights, but fly it did, and we ended 2006 feeling very blessed indeed.

But now it is 2007 and again, I have some trepidation and butterflies and lots of hope for what this year will bring. That is the one thing about owning a small creative company like mine - there are no promises of paychecks, and January is always a slow month in my business (everyone having spend their hard -earned money on Christmas or on that new gym membership...) But yeesterday church was really good - and I was inspired and encouraged, much more so than I had been in a while. And even though this may seem odd, often when I feel extremely inspired during a service I find myself making list. It is as if I can think clearly for the first time in weeks and I know exactly what I need to do. So yesterday I made my To Do List for this week - it is filled with things like "clean office" and "update website." All things I am glad to have the time and the reason to do this chilly winter month.

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  1. Well CONGRATULATIONS little lady! Can you kick my butt and get my writing business going for me? Ha Ha!

    Can't we meet in Memphis, Chattanooga or Nashville some time?


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