Friday, January 05, 2007

May the circle be unbroken

Well, even as things change, they still somehow remain the same. In other words - this woman's work is never done.

Here is a sad little picture of our Charlie Brown tree sans ornaments and most of it's greenery. It was so dry and brittle by the time I took it down yesterday that every time I pulled an ornament off, a chunk of needles came with it. In the end all I had was naked little tree and a floor full of needles and tinsel. Of course as soon as I had one mess cleaned up, it is on to another one...

On New Years eve day our stove blew up. Of course who knows how old it is. The whole kitchen is this rag-tag assembly of bits and pieces. Our house was built in 1940 and apparently appliances and storage were added as needed so things are very out of date and worn through.

Last year at Christmas our dishwasher died. This year it is the stove. Shopping for a stove was like pulling a thread on a sweater. Discussions of upgrading to a nice gas stove suitable for my gourmet chef husband led to discussions about rotting walls and bathroom additions. We are now in talks with the money people and I am spending all my pajama time designing layouts with Ikea's Home Planner.
Lovely kitchens (see above,) and fun items like this great farmhouse style sink are very inspiring and instill much hope since we will be doing everything but the plumbing ourselves. Also, now that Miles is potty training, I desperately need my own bathroom, don't you agree?

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