Thursday, January 25, 2007


I think about weird things. Strange thoughts come into my head.

Yesterday it was this: "If my parent's had given me up for adoption, and then years later I found them, would I be disappointed to find out that I don't look like any of my family members? Or would I find things that look alike, that I don't notice now??? Hmmm....

I do not look like my parents.

Judea, my youngest sister and I look the most alike out of all the siblings....

I am one end of the spectrum and Jemimah is the other. She is our dark Indian princess.

They all look like my mother in some way or another. My brother Joshua looks just like my grandfather on my mother's side. Tall and thin with cheekbones to kill for. I have none of those features....

I must say that I really like having a kid that looks like me, after spending 24 years being the odd ball.


  1. you so look like them... now where the blond hair things comefromi dont know some recessive gene or something. but you have your moms eyes and mouth and pretty much the shape of her face with your dads round cheek bones... its your coloring that throws things off i think.... i have more comments onthis buts its too long for a mere comment on a blog!!!

  2. Love the peeps in the background!

    Well you don't really look like your sisters or brother (at least from the pictures) but I can see the similiarities between you and your son.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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