Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today we skipped church to clean house, make crafts and watch movies. For the past 2 or 3 days it has been raining buckets. Flash flood warnings all over the place, lots of grey skies and big puddles. We have taken the hint and stayed mostly holed up in our little house - baking, cleaning, playing, sleeping, reading, crafting, drinking lots of warm coffee...All the things we love most. Wylie and Miles have responded to all this insideness by having races around the round coffee table. Sometimes Nathan plays sportscaster, and does the play-by-play. Sometimes Wylie does it himself, while still running. This would be one of those times I should get out the video camera huh?

Not total slackers, Nathan has been doing deep cleaning on the floors - lots of getting into corners and under things - and I have have managed to re-organize my closet and chest of drawers, coming up with 2 trash bags of shoes and t-shirts and odds and ends for the bargain basement and 1 bag of trash. It's amazing what can accumulate over time.

Mostly though, I have been taking it easy and getting better, trying to enjoy natures prompting to "rest, dear one, rest." Feeling inspired to sit and craft while the rain fell last night, I started my Valentine crafting for the shoppe and for my new Etsy shoppe online (I will let you know when it is open and ready to go!) The light wasn't great today but here are few shots of my circle tag garlands.

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  1. they will look so cute with my stuff i cant wait


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