Thursday, January 04, 2007


New always brings around that lovely resolutions question doesn't it? Do you make them or not? I tend not to make them (shocking I know.) I tend not to make them so that I don't break them. Because if I don't make them, then I don't break them, then I don't have to go through all the self-loathing that comes mandatory with breaking your New Year's Resolution, and there is nothing less appealing to me than wasting time hating myself.

Today is an ironic day for thinking about resolutions and goals because it is cold and rainy - which means Motivation for Productive Behavior is low, very, very low. The rain sounds like it might have a little ice mixed in with it - it is making a crink-crink-tink sound against the bushes outside my window. I wish I didn't have to drive Miles to MDO, I wish I had a button I could push and VOOM - he'd be there, all snug and dry and happy in his little class and I would be here all snug and dry and happy at home, by myself, taking down our Christmas.

My goal for today is to get all the Christmas put away and to only eat 4 pieces of Dark Chocolate as opposed to yesterdays consumption of half a chocolate chip pie. Of course I only did that because my goal for yesterday was to try and get rid of as many sweet temptations as possible, and to throw things away would be a waste right? So I figured the faster I ate it, the sooner it would be gone, right?

I would not have made a good religious zealot of any kind. I don't get energy or motivation from self-flagellation - it just kinda ticks me off to be honest. I have a friend who went on a diet recently where all the meals come pre-packaged and everything is laid out for you. I told her that kind of diet would just make me mad. I would probably throw something (and I am not a violent kind of person.) But seriously, food is just too good to be treated that way, and life is too short to eat it. I don't eat that bad (aside from the pie, I know, I know) but I also don't exercise enough and I know it. So I guess if I have to have a goal for 2007 it will be to Exercise More for My Health and Well-Being. This will mean more yoga, more machines, and more Pilate's on a more regular basis... but not today - it's raining silly.

BTW - if you want to know what even got me thinking about goals in the first place check this out:

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  1. I, too, am trying to eat all my holiday chocolates & sweets so as to get them out of the house asap. sadly, adam hates sweets, so it's all up to me!


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