Friday, January 19, 2007

Creative Space

This is my office. My creative space. We threw it together one weekend when the kids were away (thank goodness) and I had a horrible double ear infection (the worst feeling ever.) The result being that we didn't paint the walls or my desk and that things barely got organized. We just put the shelves up, placed the desk and threw everything in. Over the past 9 months I have slowly been trying to find place for everything - both the personal and the professional.

January is a good month for getting things in place because, well let's face it, I am not doing much else. So yesterday Whitney came over and we sorted and filed and purged our way through the mountains of receipts and papers and bills that have been waiting for a home. (If you have a room that need's sorting, I highly recomend having a "organize swap" with a friend - it is a lot less overwhelming to do it together, rathan than tackling it alone!)
Next, my brother Joshua is going to come and paint the walls a pale, creamy pink, and my desk and chair a creamy white ( Country White from Wal-Mart -my favorite white of all time. It goes with everything!)
I think having a paler background will help me think clearer and feel like things are less "busy". Even though my little space looks clean and neat now, it is not always this way - believe me.

This room also doubles as the guest room and it gets used very regularly, so that adds to the traffic and the clutteredness feeling - especially when the room is packed to the ceiling with small furniture, curtain rods, lamps and other odds and ends waiting to be placed in their rightful homes. But when it is not filled to the brim, it is a lovely little spot to sit and read and relax.

Here is the wall of inspiration. When sitting at my desk I can gaze at it when I feel stuck or frazzled. I can also see out the door into the hall, and out the large window to my right, which is great for watching the kids playing in the backyard. Overall it is great space. I could use more storage, but I think in my line of work that is a never ending problem. Also it would be nice to have another table/desk just for crafting, but I can't complain, at least I am not in a closet.


  1. hey was the closet comment in reference to me?! i just wish i had a window in my creation cave.

  2. I dream of someday having a home office. Overlooking a beach. With a butler bringing me drinks at my command. And a cool breeze blowing as I type at the keyboard of my brand new PowerBook. I don't ask for much :)

  3. What a pretty and inspiring place to work!


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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