Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow and the Next

These are some cozy spots in my house that I don't think I've shared yet. At least I haven't shared them without their Christmas splendor...
This is the kitchen. I think some of these and one of these would fit in nicely don't you think?

This is the loo. We only have one, and boy can things get dire... I really don't mind Miles not being completely potty trained yet, 'cause it's one less person banging on the door...

Anyway, Jeanetta is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but the weather forecast is looking very iffy. I am trying to get the house straightened and work finished. Not that she cares about the house, but it will bug me if it's not lovely, at least the first day.... Small houses clutter really fast...

I love this little corner in my living room. That is my stack of decorating/crafting books topped off by my favorite vintage globe (I have 10 total.)
I have a busy night of crafting for work, playing solo-mom while Nate tends bar, watching 3 shows - including the premier of Top Design (I am so excited!) Mostly I am doing what I can not to think about things. What things you ask?

Well, mostly What I Am Not Thinking About is that my little sis Jemimah is leaving for Germany on Friday, and I won't see her till?????

She has been my constant friend and pal this year while her Adam was in Kuwait. I made it my job to keep her busy and occupied (babysitting was my main distraction,) so she would not be lonely, to be her cheerleader and best pal. Truth be told she did that for me probably more than I did for her. I am so happy that she will finally get to be with her sweetie again, and that she will have the wonderful experience of living in Europe (which of course I am insanely jealous of,) but I will miss her so very much. But I just can't think about it too much or I will not be able to cut and paste and glitter without the tears ruining it all. The tears will have to wait for the airport, and for the next time I watch Little Women or the Gilmore Girls finale or any of the little ordinary moments that will seem strange without her here.


  1. You both look so pretty!

  2. Just your that a Martha Stewart Paint Color? Because it looks identical to what's on my Laundry Room walls.

    Your decor style is so, so homey and delightful...I just l-o-v-e it!

  3. Your house and blog are lovely, I just happened to click on a link today that brought me here. Such pretty things!



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