Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Book Review Bandwagon

Seems that these days lots of lovely blogging ladies like Jen and Amy are doing book reviews. And since nothing else exciting is happening here - as I am posting from my sick bed - I will happily do the same.
Creole Thrift is one of the only craft/design books that I have actually read every word of. Part auto-biography, part history lesson, mostly design and decorating handbook, Agnele Parlange's book captures what I find most fun about my job - telling people's stories through design. Integrating family folklore, childhood dreams and lifelong loves into the basic process of setting up house - finding furniture, fabrics, and accessories that sooth, inspire and create a comfortable backdrop for both the big and little moments of everyday life.
Read it and tell me if you love it too! If you were here I would lend you my copy.

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