Tuesday, January 30, 2007

addicted to love and yoga

Valentines Day is already taking over my house. I have never really decorated for V-day that much, but this year I needed something to help transition from Christmas. Now I am wondering how I will transition out of Valentines Day.

Will it be too soon for Easter? Can I decorate just for Spring? And what happens between Easter and 4th of July? Can I do a Nest Theme for Mother's Day? Is that taking all this too far? I am beginning to panic....
On a lighter note (but not less weird) today I went to yoga -which is called "Stretch and Tone" because it is held in a church, and calling it "yoga" would imply a love of Buddha and crystals and patchouli oil, and heaven forbid that - Anyway, as I was doing Yoga (I am calling it what it is people) I noticed my poor toes. They were naked and I was ashamed. Seems I have been neglecting the poor toesy's and feetsy's and I wanted to curl them up and hide them beneath my mat. I won't go into gorey detail , but let's just say they were not worthy of public veiwing... Guess I should apply some of my crafting mojo to painting and lotioning my toes huh?

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ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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