Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wednesday Night Picnic on the Quad

Taylor (one of Brian the Sax player's twin girls,) and I took pictures of each other taking pictures.

Last night Nathan's band The Frup had a gig in Arkado at HSU, on the Quad. They opened for some well known college band out of Memphis (I can't spell their name, so I won't try.) The rumor was that there would be a big crowd and we were all excited to show off our guys to lots of new people. However the crowd was to be so big, that the Powers That Be canceled the free cook-out, and so all the those college kids who were supposed to come whoop and hollar, didn't.
(No free food = no college kids. Doesn't everyone even remotely connected with higher education know this? )
But The Frup's loyal following was there and they whooped and hollared like the good fans that they are.
The quad was wide open for the kids to roam, and roam they did. We all had fun with our Sonic tots and little blue planes and all that freshly mowed green grass... Holly and I decided that we should load the kids in some RV's, book the band some festival shows in the Northwest this summer (seeing how it is too hot here to even consider such an idea), and have lots of picnics out on lawns. Ah, the dream life...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Why my laundry isn't done

I am getting ready for a wedding reception I have designed and now have to pull off.

The greatest part of my job: Getting to create fun, unique, beautiful spaces and events.

The hardest part: Getting my laundry done too.

The thing I always forget: I am only one person with only 2 hands. Somehow I always forget that. It just seems there I should have more - aren't I Super Woman??

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Juneau, My Love

I grew up in Juneau, AK. We moved there when I was 11. It was heartbreaking because in 1985, I was on the cusp of becoming a bonofied, teenage valley-girl. It was the title I had waited my whole life for. It was cool.
When we moved to Alaska (from Clearwater, FL) nothing about Juneau or Seattle or any of the Northwest seemed cool. Where was the Neon-mesh? Where was WHAM!? In those days Starbucks was not yet king, Nirvana was not yet the voice of my generation and I didn't not understand the beauty of rain.
By the time I left Juneau to go to college all that had changed and as it goes, so had I.

Nathan and I hope to someday be able to take our kids there for the summers and say "this is what life is like at a different pace -soak it up boys." Also I want them to know where I come from, to know the other point of reference for why I am who I am.

Today I woke up to a rainy, dreary day and it is beautiful and it made me think of home. This picture was taken on the last day of our trip to Juneau for Tracy's wedding. Every other day was sunny and crisp and postcard perfect. On this day, Nathan saw the real Juneau.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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