Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Soft Glow

A soft glow is starting to take over my house (could it be all the lights and glitter?) I feel relaxation coming on. It has been rainy and wet and cold again and I love it. Makes me want to huddle in my house and enjoy being home. Today I even took a nap. It was bliss.
My shopping is almost done, but not so done that I can't still enjoy it. We really scored for the boys yesterday - I can't wait for them to see what all we got them at the Army Surplus store. My list for them is now short and sweet - only 2 sleeping bags to go.
As for work, I only have one drop off for a client and all is done there.
A wrapping party with hot chocolate and Family Man looms ahead for tomorrow or Friday night. I love to wrap and I love to enjoy wrapping - I love the whole experience.
As for tonight, well tonight I am going to continue reading A Year in The World by the soft glow of my white tree. I know I am on vacation when I get to really lose myself in a book.

I love being on holiday.

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