Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So Tired

We are all tired. I am tired, the boys are tired, Nathan is tired. Even Chloe the Brave is tired.
Miles had strep throat last week so nobody slept. This week has been all about tying up loose ends, which for some reasons seems like it takes way more energy than it should. I still have billing and returns to do, but if I can just get some curtains hung tomorrow for a client, then the only time-table I am on is mine. I need that release very, very badly. I need to sleep and rest and let my body recoup from all this merriment.

Today I had a little St. Lucia day Christmas party for my kids and the kids of my Christmas assistants. It was delightful and fun was had by all. We crafted with glitter, drank lots of hot chocolate and had a Cowboy Shoot-Out. All the things you need for a successful Christmas party, but not much to do with poor St. Lucia I reckon. But as much fun as it was, I am glad to have it behind me now too.

I promise to post something much more interesting soon. But for now I hear the sweet call of my fluffy bed and I must go and nest there, like this sweet little birdie on my mantle.

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