Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Week of Thanks, A Day of Memories

Tonight we have arrived at my in-laws to do Meal #2. Tomorrow we will trek to my parents to do Christmas in November for the world travelers, Jemimah and Adam, who, thanks to the US Army, will most likely be in Germany for Christmas.

Meal #1 (of 6) was this past weekend at Nathan's cousins house about 30 minutes away. This picture of Wylie (have you spotted him yet?) was taken there while he and the other cousins played soldiers and ran circles around the yard, hiding from each other behind the massive row of bushes.

When I was Wylie's age I had a gaggle of cousins on my dad's side to run and play with on the holidays and I loved it. None of our siblings have kids yet, so the only cousin's our boys have are the kids of our cousins. Kind of a weird phenomenon of our generation I suspect.

I am very, very tired from all the glitter and merriment Whitney and I have been spreading this week. I have put up 4 Christmas trees and decorated 3 mantles and countless other surfaces in the past week. But it will be tonight and tomorrow and the remaining 5 meals with various gatherings of siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins and second cousins, grandparents and in-laws that will bring the Holiday Spirit to my heart. It will be recalling memories, laughing so hard we cry, looking at pictures from holidays past, and being with the people who share a common history -of good and of bad- that will really bring it home: Christmas time is here.

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  1. we missed you something turrable!!!


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