Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Week of Thanks, A Day of Girls

Recently several kiddo's have asked me why we start decorating for Christmas and not Thanksgiving. I can see why this is confusing to them. It is still confusing to lot's of adults.
I have decided to go with the idea that Thanksgiving kicks off the Christmas season, giving us a whole month to celebrate. That we start out by being Thankful, even without gifts.

We celebrate our own little mix of liturgy around here - Advent, St. Lucia, Epiphany. I like the idea of a liturgical calendar. A set reminder of things to think on and celebrate. Probably because I came from such a strong evangelical/protestant background, all the High Church stuff appeals to me.

Anyway, for this week, this week of Thanks that gets things rolling, I am going to post daily about something I am grateful for.

Do you know what I am grateful for today?
My girls.

As Nathan has pointed out many times before, I may not have daughters, but I am rich in girls.

There is nothing sweeter than a sister, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, or a friend, that can sing your heart-song back to you when you have forgotten the tune.

To The GG's, The Zita's, The Zen's, The AK Girls, Molly, Jenni, Risha, Janna, Puddin', Mary, and to all I haven't listed here (and will later feel very, very low about it) - I love you each so much!!!! Thank you for loving me back - you are my sanity.

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