Monday, November 20, 2006

A Week of Thanks, A Day of Dreams

It is no huge secret that I have had my fair share of therapy as an adult. And it is no secret that parts of my childhood were less than perfect. Most peoples are. But that being said, I would like to say, that where my parent's got it very, very right was in the Dream department.

My parent's have always encouraged us kids to Follow Our Bliss. Seek Our Dream. Do What You Love. Have Hope.

As a wise friend of mine would say, my parents "raised us towards our bent."
It is a freeing thing to be raised towards your bent, and not to be pulled and pushed into another direction, towards someone else's bent. It is probably one of the most successful things my parents did in raising us. That and lots of hugs and books. But that is another post.

So today I am thankful a) For my parents great love and encouragement to live out my dreams. And b) for the dreams of mine that I have found and am living.

Here are 2 that I thought of today:

Dream 1: Live in Old House with Fireplace and Built-In's in Cool Old neighborhood.
Check. (Has some quirks etc. but still totally worth it. Somedays I have to pinch myself.

Dream 2: Have Little Shoppe to Sell Cute Things I find and Make
Check. (It is small and only a booth/shoppe that I share with the fab Jeanetta, but it is cute and full of things I Find and Make.)

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