Friday, November 03, 2006


These are some of my latest finds at one of my favorite antique malls. A handmade apron, a painted metal brooch and a vintage ornament.

The apron was only $1.5o and looks great with jeans. I actually wear the aprons I buy. It seems like when I am cleaning or making dinner or just being a mom I always need something to wipe my hands on. Plus they look really, really cute.

Posting pics of my vintage and handmade things is a new trend for me. I used to only post pics of the kids and sweetie and so forth. Up until I discovered ladies like BellaDia I really kept my work/creative life in a separate box from the mom/wife box on the blog. The day I discovered crafting/thrifting/life blogging was a happy, happy day for me. It was one of those moments when I felt like I had finally come home.

Most of my bestest friends aren't really the thrifty/crafty types. A few are - like my Fairy Grunge Sister, Jeanetta. But she lives in San Antonio, and while we do occasionally browse Ebay together via IM, or walk through the aisles of fabric and craft stores together on our cell phones, it isn't the same as having her here, in person, to touch and feel and see all the same things I see. I am a lone reed in my pond of flea markets and vintage fabric stores. No one ventures out with me on Saturday mornings to find some wonderful goodies. And no one comes over to have tea or coffee and just let the kids run wild together in the back yard, while we pour over the latest mags and make a dream list of all the projects we want to have done by Christmas...

Sometimes I feel lonesome for that kind of creative kindred spirit. Someone who likes what I like and is inspired and excited by the same sort of ascetics as me. So on the days when I need some creative camaraderie, I make coffee, grab something sweet and read what Claire and Amy and Hillary (among others) are doing and I feel a little more connected to my peeps and very encouraged that I am not alone in my love of old, lovely and handmade things.

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