Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Too Quiet Here

Today the boys went on the Grandparent Parade. First they went to my in-laws (thank you, thank you) and then they were passed on to my parents (thank you, thank you also) for the night, so I could get a big project finished for work. Tomorrow Jemimah will bring them back (she just happens to be there hanging out) and we will resume our normal, chaotic, overfilled life.

As you can see life with the boys is never boring. Because I am home more with Miles then with Wylie (who is busy being the King of The First Grade Playground most days) I have more pictorial proof of Miles' sense of humor and fashion. In the first pic he is busy drinking 'coppee' with milk (lots of milk I might add .) The boy doesn't know he is only 2. He thinks he is 62. He wants to sit in a chair, drink copppee, watch Old Western's and grunt when he needs a refill.

In another pic he is just making a classic Miles face, complete with a little milky lip.
And the others pics, well in the others he is just channeling the Beastie Boys of course. He created that look from scratch himself. Just random things he found on the floor, all put together. I have an odd feeling this is how a lot of fashion trends get started.
My boys don't really get what normal clothes are all about. To them life is just one costume change after another...

Like I said, without them here, it is too quiet.

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