Saturday, November 11, 2006

Holly Jolly

For my own personal Christmas I take a slightly pinker approach than most.

Luckily a couple of my clients live in very country style homes and I get to work out all my red and green impulses there.

But here at home, I tend to lean more towards the pink and white and very vintage side of things. I want everything to look like it has been slightly snowed on, as if it has all been dusted with sugar. This white tree (affectionately called The Space Tree) now resides in our room for the holidays and has only white and pink ornaments on it.

This is the mantle decor from last year. The lanterns are bright green, pink and white.

For some reason I didn't get a whole lot of good pictures last year - of my house or clients. I will have to try and do better this go round. Also, I have a whole new plan for the mantle.

I start Christmas decorating on Tuesday, so I am trying to gear up. My office is starting to look like Santa's Workshop, filled with ornaments and garlands and glittery things that say "Believe" and "Dream". I have a stack of magazines and a few craft projects. I have CD's and apple cider candles lit and a fire going. All I need now is that warm fuzzy feeling. For some reason, I am having a harder time getting in touch with it this year, than most. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that last year at Christmas my life was turned completely upside down? Hmm...

On the upside I am VERY excited about these Handpainted Mini-Canvas Ornaments from Jeanetta. They are arriving soon for the Shoppe and I just can't wait!!! Aren't they just yummy???

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