Monday, November 27, 2006

As Promised, A RedNeck Tree Hunt

*Disclaimer: I am a city girl. However I married a part-country boy. Some things cannot be helped.

Maybe it is because I decorate so many full, expensive, lovely tree's - both real and fake - or maybe it is because I am just odd, but either way, I like unique Christmas tree's. I rarely do the same thing for more than a year or 2 ,and it is never normal. I bring Outdoor tree's in. I set up fake tree's with half the limbs pulled out. Always something a little off center about my tree's. They are alot like me I guess.

This year my inspiration was the sad little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I wanted something homely and scraggly. Something that looked lonesome and in need of a home.
Also I wanted my boys to have some memory of finding a tree other than pulling it out of a box from the carport.
Also I didn't want to pay $50 for something that I can't keep forever. Free is always better than $50- wouldn't you agree

And so began the Great RedNeck Tree Hunt of 2006.

It went something like this:

On Sunday, I walked out my in-laws front door, across the yard to the wooded part and saw this lonesome tree:

So then I got Nathan and showed him. "This is the tree I want." I said. "It looks lonesome and should go home with us."
"Alrighty." He said.

So off he and GranMary went to chop down my Christmas tree.

Wylie yelled "Timbaar!" (Also, apparently someone stole his shirt.)

Miles had his pistol ready to shoot any vermin or pirates that may have run out of their hiding spot. But the only thing hiding in our tree was a little ole' lizard and it scurried on.
(Oh, wait! There is Wylie's shirt. But who stole Miles' britches? It would appear that my youngin's only have one set of clothes betwixt them...)

Finally we loaded the purty tree into the back of GranPat's pick-up, along with our new fancy pilla-top mattress and headed for the big city. We took the backroads all the way home to avoid any flying -tree incidents on the interstate.

Now our lovely tree has been brought home and adorned with all my glittery goodies and fairy dust. She is an orphan no more, but instead a beautiful fairy princess of a tree who wishes everyone a...

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Goodnight!

The End.


  1. oh beatiful
    so you
    an d remember....... the charliebrown christmas special comeson tues night nov 30th at 7pm central...i think.

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    What a lovely sparkly tree!
    Oh la la!

  3. Anonymous6:08 PM

    funny that my whole adult life I have longed for, and gotten, gorgeous, full trees like your family always had. Now you've got the Charlie Brown tree of my youth!

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