Tuesday, November 28, 2006

5 down, 5 to go.

The other day, Jeanetta asked me how I was. Then she said I couldn't reply "busy." Because she said that is what I always say. But that is because lately, that is always true. I have done 5 houses and I have 5 to go. 10 houses in 3 weeks. Crazy.

I did manage to have a little fun time tonight. Amy and I went out to shop after dinner - she was on the hunt for a book and some ornaments and I was just happy to be along, not shopping for work. While we perusing Target's holiday section I suddenly realized that I haven't really thought about gifts much yet and how weird that feels. But that is just the nature of my job at this time of year. I won't be able to think about gifts until after I am done decorating. My mind can't plan for all of it - it is too much. Right now I am just doing good to remember what I need to pack in my car for each day's job. Did I remember all the greenery? My tool bag? Do I need more lights? More balls? Did I pack everything for the kids? Who do I need to call? What am I forgetting?
There is no room in there for wish list and wrapping paper at the moment.
But tonight I was able to get just the tiniest glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and remember how much fun gift-planning and shopping and making will be. I can't wait for Dec. 11!

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