Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Thinking Post for Amy on Her Birthday

Amy's birthday is tomorrow and this post if for her. Well, really this link is for her. It is on the Emerging Women's blog, which is this cool spot where a bunch of gals involved or leading emergent churches hang out and post and comment and stuff.
It's pretty much like 50% of the conversations that Amy and I have, only it's on the internet and with spell check, and without the southern twang (I think most of them are Yankees.) Plus there isn't any foul language and that's just not reality. At least not for us.
Anyway, this post, reminds me of our recent conversations surrounding our new church's, and encouraged me, just as Amy always encourages me, that I am not alone or crazy.

Happy birthday friend - I love ya! (Ps - look how long your hair is and little Wylie is - That's what size the babies will be next year by Fair time!)

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