Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Full to Overflowing

In the spirit of honesty and self-disclosure, I thought I would show a picture of my less than perfectly-clean house. (I could show you worse than this, but this was what I already had in my My Pictures folder and I am too tired to go take more.)

When one does, what I do, for their profession, the pressure to maintain a perfectly clean and perfectly adorned home can sometimes feel a tad overwhelming. For me, seeing my table piled high with things to do and file and read, can cause Bad Mind to set in, causing the devil twins, Shame and Self-Loathing to take over my thoughts. Instead of being grateful that I have a home, let alone a wonderfully beautiful old one, I beat myself up for being less than perfect, less than all-together, less than my ideal self.
In these moments I have to remind myself that the house is a mess is actually a good sign, to some extent, of how full and lovely my life actually is. It is so full it is overflowing. Literally. It is overflowing with my creative, energetic, normal messy kids, my stunningly bountiful work load, and of course my love of TV and watching said TV under the blankets with my sweetie... Which you can see all conspire together to keep things like dishes from being unloaded, and toys from being put away. (BTW, Have you ever noticed that the floors won't mop themselves? Even if you explain that it is Season Premier Week and you can't be bothered????)

But sometimes, even despite my gratefulness and my understanding of why things are like they are, the Stupid Perfect-House-Guilt Monster will rear it's ugly head and I am tempted to sit in a puddle of my own self-pity. So imagine my delight and comfort in finding these 2 post by LobbyLu and Juniper's parents, whose lives are also full to overflowing.

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