Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Claim to Fame

Nathan's only claim to fame (besides being married to me) is his lifelong friendship with the famous Jody Evans of TNT's Nashville Star and the Kappa Ki's Late Night at Ouachita. For all those die-hard fans out there of Jody and the crew, you can now find good ole' home movies of them playing on YouTube. If I was more tech savvy I would attempt to upload all the ones Nathan's parents have of them playing talent shows in high school and frat parties in college. Videos from back when Jeanetta 's hair was shorter than either of the boys, and before Jody had a stylist, and Nathan had chest hair. But for now, I'm just waiting for Jody to hit it big so I can sell all the pictures I have of him to OK! and In Touch Magazine and pay off those silly student loans and buy this couch from IKEA so I can be sittin' pretty too.

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