Saturday, September 16, 2006

Support My TV

So lately the new shows I love the most (LAX, Related) get canned pretty early on. Or the shows I have loved for years (West Wing) have been retired or are teetering on possible last seasons (Gilmore Girls.)

Now I have found a new show, a fab show. A show that made me want more, more, more. A show not set in a law office, police house or hospital. And I would like your help in keeping it alive.

Please watch Men in Trees on Friday nights at 8PM Central on ABC.

I know it is unimaginable that there might be something on Friday nights that we actually want to watch. But maybe the networks have gotten word that parents of young children are not actually out partying on Friday nights. That they are instead, maybe like Nate and I, just glad to be home after a very long week, with the kids in bed, splitting a high-priced take-out entree and a decent bottle of wine in peace and quiet. And we would like something not mind-numbing, not fear-inciting, and not- guilt inducing to watch as we eat our yummy gourmet meal in our pj's.

So please watch this Northern Exposure-esque style show and support Good TV for Grown-Up's with Brains. I thank you for your support.

(Also, if you can catch Studio 60 on Monday nights on NBC, I would appreciate that also.)

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  1. i will have to try to catch the "trees" but ben and i both loved "studio 60" it wa awesome. like right up there with "grey's". where have all these good writers been hiding. we go through to dolldrums of years of tv only to have of them pop up on the scheduel at once.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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