Friday, September 15, 2006

And So It Goes

Well this week has been a little better. And I mean a little.
Shall I hit the highlights? Okay, then:

The Good:
  1. 1.I finished a work project that was hanging over my head like an Eyeore Rain Cloud, complete with lightening bolts and hail. Thank God it is OVER.

2. The bank account is slowly re-couping. Slowly, but surely.

3. I feel better finally.

4. I have the best friends in the world. Kudos especially to Amy, Tricia for listening and helping with my lost mind and depleted soul this week. To Kim for watching my kids when I was lost in The Project That Wouldn't Die (i.e. #1) And to Jeanetta for being so darn creative and always there.

5. I lost 5 pounds by being sick and having no appetite.

The Bad

1. I spent more hours on the aforementioned project than I would have wanted.

2. I have to work tomorrow (being Saturday.)

3. The floors in my house could send any self-respecting person w/just a touch of OCD into treatment for weeks.

4. The bill's are coming in faster than the pay checks.


1. The Boys have slept in my bed the past 5 out of 6 nights. And when I say "sleep" what I mean is that they rolled and flopped on me, while moaning, crying and coughing. Or begging for Milk. Or a Hot Dog. Finally last night I instituted Bedtime BootCamp. And yes, Wylie slept with his boots on.

2. Miles flushed 1 toy down the toilet. Nathan spent 6 hours, $40, 2 trips to Lowes and our bathroom completely apart before getting the teensy tinsy boat out of the damn thing.

3. The toilet is still not working great. We fear the boat had a captain and he is still lodged somewhere down deep. The night does not look promising.

4. Did I mention that I have to work tomorrow????

5. Oh yeah, and Nathan's car won't start somewhere in Little Rock.


  1. Update:
    1. Nathan's car blew a fuse. All fixed now.

    2. We surrendered and bought a new Toilet-in-a-Box at Lowes.

    3. My work day yesterday went amazingly well (Thanks Minety!)

    4.Things are looking up all around.

  2. "you such a brave engine"- from Thomas and the Magic railroad.


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