Tuesday, August 22, 2006

To Help Your Insomnia (or What You Can Get Me for my Birthday)

I know many, many of you lie awake at night, frozen by the mere thought of trying to buy me the perfect birthday gift. The gift that would convey your deep love and admiration for me.The gift that would fit me to a "t" and stand out above all others. I know these have been trying weeks for you internet, and that you are struggling to function in day- to- day life under these sleep deprivation circumstances. So to put your mind at ease, I thought I would make this challenging act of love and devotion a little easier by creating a wish-list of sorts. Just think of it as my birthday gift to you!

Book: The French-Inspired Home (pre-order now!) A book filled with lovely things to inspire...

Book: The House in Good Taste - the original Interior Design bible

A very cool pair of lug-soled Boots. I have given up on any shoe or boot that is pointy in toe or heel. It's just not working for me. (Obviously the girls of Sex and the City didn't have gravel driveways and old crickety back steps and their hands full of backpacks, lunch boxes and grocery bags. )

And for those of you who are really trying to win points:
My dream ride, a restored old truck. This one is a 1959 Chevy Apache.


  1. that truck looks like your house on four wheels....hmmm....
    oh hey thanks for the comment! :)
    love ya

  2. hmmmmmm...... how about free art


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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