Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Some Questions for the Universe

This picture is for Amy. She gave all this lovely play-dough to Miles for his B-day. It was in retaliation for the Rubber Boots I gave her son for his birthday.

Playing with such gooey gobbley googly creatures such as these will cause you to ponder, and pondering, as we all know, leads to questions not answers.

So here are my Questions for the Universe:

1. Why is Richard Simmons still wearing sequined tank tops, hot pants, and a gray 'fro???? Isn't he tired yet?

2. Why do they still sell regular M&M's? Does anybody buy them other than for baking? Doesn't almost everyone eat Peanut M&M's? Weren't regular M&M's just the precursor to Peanut M&M's anyway?

3. Nicole Kidman got out just in time didn't she?

4. Did anyone really think Britney was a good role model for 12 year olds? Really?

5. If I ever was to appear on David Letterman would he find me boring or charming? Boring most likely. Unless I smelled good...

6. I will never be a rock star will I?

7. If I could have a celebrity best friend could it be with Kate Winslet? And could we dream together of being best friends with Sarah Jessica Parker?

8. If I decide to HomeSchool or Unschool my kids, simply because I hate getting up in the morning does that make me bad?

9. Who will Lorelei choose? Luke or Christopher???

10. Will Studio 60 be as good as West Wing and Sports Night (please say yes, please say yes)

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  1. those cosmos cna really get you blabbing cant they....... or wa it a summertini


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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