Thursday, June 01, 2006

Miles in May

The month of May was a busy one for Miles.
While we are not entirely sure what this little man is going to turn out like yet, we know these things for sure:

1.There is nothing he loves more than Wylie, than aggravating Wylie.
2. He will let you know if he sees a car - on the street, on TV, in a book. He makes sure you see the "Caaar!"
3. He has promise as a Tattoo Artist.
4. He walks in no ones shadow.


  1. J-ru,
    I just took a look at your company website, it looks AMAZING! I am so impressed with all you have done so far! fabulous darling! I hope you feel better!
    lots of love-

  2. looks like the hurricane season hit early. cant wait for him and the sabetour (aka luke) to get together. you have good home owners insurance right.


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