Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dream a Little Dream

I have this dream, that someday I will have a store. It will be a little store, not too big, not too boring or stuffy or overpriced. It will be sassy, and fun and friendly. If will be filled with lovely things. Some things will be old, some things will be new, some things will be old things made new... I will play a great mellow mix of music that has a vintage feel to it -like a faded table cloth from the 1940's....

Until then, I have a booth at a very small flea market here in town. I like it. The rent is cheap, and I can practice buying and selling, making and re-creating. Re-creating things like chairs found in the trash.
I have this knack for finding chairs on the side of the road, and so far I have Re-Newed and sold 2 of them. My pal Luke is going to help me re-cover some others and we are going to try and sell them too. I love re-designing chairs - it is in the top 5 coolest parts of my job.
My latest venture in Re-Newing is taking old plates and dressing them up with letters and quotes ( I use mostly Scrapbooking stickers.) On some I am also using white glitter for a sugar effect. I don't know if anyone else will find them lovely or amusing, but I do!
Also for more inspiration in the crafty world check out Clare, and her new site. Her art and colors inspire me daily!

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  1. i love the plates. i need the 411 on how how and how to do it.


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