Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wednesday Night Picnic on the Quad

Taylor (one of Brian the Sax player's twin girls,) and I took pictures of each other taking pictures.

Last night Nathan's band The Frup had a gig in Arkado at HSU, on the Quad. They opened for some well known college band out of Memphis (I can't spell their name, so I won't try.) The rumor was that there would be a big crowd and we were all excited to show off our guys to lots of new people. However the crowd was to be so big, that the Powers That Be canceled the free cook-out, and so all the those college kids who were supposed to come whoop and hollar, didn't.
(No free food = no college kids. Doesn't everyone even remotely connected with higher education know this? )
But The Frup's loyal following was there and they whooped and hollared like the good fans that they are.
The quad was wide open for the kids to roam, and roam they did. We all had fun with our Sonic tots and little blue planes and all that freshly mowed green grass... Holly and I decided that we should load the kids in some RV's, book the band some festival shows in the Northwest this summer (seeing how it is too hot here to even consider such an idea), and have lots of picnics out on lawns. Ah, the dream life...


  1. oh by the way I love your blog and my blog is

  2. yes, festivals, yes, the frup, yes rvs! please stop and pick us up!!

  3. can i join the convoy
    i could come along as the bands artist....... any takers

  4. also..... that pic of wiley with the airplane..... he is looking more and more like david. its weird.


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